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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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Monthly mean LSI and GSI values of mature Palm Island group fish were plotted separately for males and females to determine seasonal patterns of energy storage and the peak spawning period of L.
continue with a Torres Island group (Australian pop singer Christine Anu is a Torres Islander) and a dance by the Wallis and Futuna Islands, then break for a traditional lunch made by the delegation from Vanuatu.
According to the Heat Island Group, strategically planted trees in cities can reduce heating and cooling costs by 10 to 20 percent.
We believe that the Classic Hollywood sector of the entertainment industry is an extremely valuable but greatly under developed niche of the market and that we are confident that we will be able to exploit that niche in a productive and positive way," stated Sunset Island Group president, Lawrence Sherman.
PAGE 2 Green parking LIVERPOOL'S Island Group has secured a new export deal for its car park payment units.
AMERICA has bolstered antimissile defences around Hawaii following reports that North Korea plans to fire a long-range rocket towards the island group on July 4.
Which Pacific island group was once known as the Sandwich Islands?
The New York Foundling's Staten Island group home provides a stable and nurturing environment to single mothers, usually ages 14-21, who have been raised in the foster care system.
But the Friends of St Mary's Island group believe it could have a drastic effect if the two full-time jobs become one while part-time staff, many of whom are marine biologists, have their hours reduced.
The map (above) is color-coded so that each island group corresponds to its governing country.
The new companies are: The Lilly Group Dominicana, Palm Island Group Ltd, Clarochen, S.
The whole [western] Yasawa island group has a huge [salt water intrusion] problem," explains Robert Matau, a large bearded man with a round face and skeptical brown eyes.
The second mission will start at about midnight Wednesday as the planes fly from Tel Aviv to the Azores, an island group about 800 miles west of Portugal.
Sunset Island Group (Pink Sheets:SIGO), announced today that it has signed the definitive contract to acquire several oil and gas leases in Southwest, Texas.