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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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The Antipodes Island group is located about 760 km south east of New Zealand.
The Kalayaan Island Group offers rich fishing grounds and contains significant oil and natural gas reserves.
While the island group has an 80-bed hospital on Rarotonga and a 20-bed hospital on Aitutaki, most nurses work in primary health care in the community.
The Kalayaan Island Group is considered part of Palawan province in the southwestern Philippines, according to a presidential decree issued by former strongman Ferdinand Marcos in 1978.
The hurricane struck last October, wiping out production on St Vincent and St Lucia and 50% of production on Dominica, the three main banana producers in the island group.
Manila lays claim to the whole Spratly Group which it calls Kalayaan island group.
DELOS, in the Cyclades island group, is the sacred birthplace of Apollo, the god of light.
Sea surges of up to 23 feet have been reported in the Lau island group, which was hit head-on by the cyclone, causing major flooding.
Which island group is located nearest to 10[degrees]S, 14[degrees]W?
Switching to a white roof can actually reduce energy use by about 20 percent in hot, sunny weather, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group in Berkeley, Calif.
A DISTRIBUTION deal for new eco-friendly car park payment units will provide new export opportunities for Liverpool-based Island Group.
They are an island group consisting of 18 major islands, with an area of 1,399 square km, and containing no major lakes or rivers.
Atlantic Sea Island Group, LLC will take the seventh floor space for three years at $45 per square foot.
Fifty years ago, the United States performed tests of nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands, an island group almost halfway between Hawaii and Tokyo.
History: In 1666 British planters took over control of the island group from the original Dutch settlers.