Islamic State of Afghanistan

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Supporters of the Islamic state of Afghanistan, the government officially recognized by the United Nations, were forced to flee.
Tesoriera pointed out that the two sides took part in the talks as representatives of Afghanistan, with Taliban representing the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the opposition claiming to represent the Islamic State of Afghanistan.
The leading resistance commander and spokesman for the alliance that overthrew Najibullah, Ahmad Shah Massoud, told the United Nations that the mujahidin would form an interim government, which assumed authority on 29 April 1992 and established the Islamic State of Afghanistan.
Minister of the Translational Islamic State of Afghanistan by
Our two countries pledge to support the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan in its efforts to rebuild that country and integrate it into the broader international structure.
We are going to satisfy the whole world that the United Front [the Northern Alliance] and the Islamic state of Afghanistan do want to maintain peace and security".
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