Islamic State of Afghanistan

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66) Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan, National Drug Control Strategy, May 18, 2003.
This authority renamed the government as Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan and drafted a constitution that was ratified by a Constitutional Loya Jirga in January 2004.
My role in this multi-faceted, multi-national organization was to help develop a public procurement program--virtually from scratch--for the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan, replacing the Taliban-era system of governance.
One woman says, if we are now in an Islamic state of Afghanistan, we need to follow the real Islam and repatriate our refugee women, de-mine the land, rebuild the rural sections.
We are going to satisfy the whole world that the United Front [the Northern Alliance] and the Islamic state of Afghanistan do want to maintain peace and security".
You must fight against the terrorism being carried out against the Islamic State of Afghanistan," he reportedly told the audience.
Supporters of the Islamic state of Afghanistan, the government officially recognized by the United Nations, were forced to flee.
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