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city in central Iran

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The Minister of information then toured with his accompanying delegation the City of Isfahan and were briefed on the historical and cultural landmarks and the crafts which is famous for.
The results obtained in our study showed that major compounds of Chenopodium botrys aerial parts of Isfahan sample were: Camphene (24.
According to justice officials, the last acid attack in Isfahan took place on October 15.
On Wednesday, thousands of women took to the streets of Isfahan demanding justice for the disfigured women.
Behzad Rezayee, both members of the Scientific Board of Isfahan University of Technology, and Mehdi Mokhtari Abarqooyee, a PhD student.
Ashton told journalists at the airport that the object of her day trip to Isfahan was to visit Isfahan`s historical monuments.
Death to the dictator" and "dictator, dictator, may your sleep be disturbed" were heard on videos of the funeral procession in Isfahan, Iran's second city, following the death of Ayatollah Jalaluddin Taheri, who died on Sunday, aged 87.
The country's main steel mills are located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces.
Carroll spends much time in the bustling tea houses of Isfahan, where he observes the richness of Iranian life in microcosm and visits a Tehran that would be unrecognisable today--a sleepy town pushing towards modernity with its shiny 1950s American cars and social elites exploring the lifestyles of a newly discovered West.
MANAMA: The inaugural flight of Gulf Air to Isfahan took off from Bahrain International Airport, marking the airline's 46th destination and the first in 2011.
Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air has started its service to Isfahan in Iran, the airline's 46th destination and the first in 2011.
According to the AP, nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the uranium ore concentrate, known as yellowcake, was produced at the Gachin uranium mine in southern Iran and delivered to the uranium conversion facility in the central city of Isfahan for reprocessing.
In July, four men convicted of drug smuggling were put to death in Isfahan.
Starting later this year the airline will offer services to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Basra in Iraq and Isfahan in Iran.
Summary: Without the Newroz Club, nine other teams have qualified for the Isfahan futsal competition.