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a river in southeastern France

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French President Francois Hollande, who was in Brussels for the European Council, declared the attack at the gas company in Isere a "terrorist" attack.
The suspect arrested in connection with Friday's attack on a gas company in southeast France's Isere had been on watch list for radicalization in 2006 and having links with Islamist movements, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Friday.
Jonas' account begins with the development of the silk industry in the Isere from its early nineteenth-century origins as a haven for Lyon silk merchants escaping high urban labor costs and unrest through a mid-century phase of rural putting-out organization to its consolidation as a factory industry at the beginning of this century.
In contrast to the substantial historiographical literature that has emphasized the importance of cottage industry in changing the behavior of rural populations, Jonas downplays the importance of that phase and instead focuses on the importance of factories and especially the strike of 1906, which rapidly spread throughout the Isere and which featured dramatic moments of women's intervention into public space.
Contract notice: supply and delivery of fuels in bulk for the isere / sdis departmental order group in isre