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The CT findings of colitis distributed throughout multiple vessels, sparing of the terminal ileum, and good contrast flow in the major mesenteric vessels made a diagnosis of ischemic colitis much less likely; therefore, bacterial pancolitis became the leading diagnosis.
Can ischemic colitis be differentiated from C difficile colitis in biopsy specimens?
This sign is seen in roughly 75% of cases of transient, nongangrenous ischemic colitis.
The list of contraindications now includes women with a history of ischemic colitis or a history of chronic or severe constipation or "with a history of sequelae from constipation.
He reported on four cases of ischemic colitis linked to recent use of pseudoephedrine, all in middle-aged women with a segmental colitis involving the splenic flexure.
Under the plan, physicians who want to prescribe Lotronex will have to sign a "self-attestation" form, saying that they are familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of IBS and of ischemic colitis and serious complications of constipation, and that they will report serious adverse events to the FDA or manufacturer.
Also, patients with any type of hypercoagulable state or ischemic disease would not be candidates because of the risk of ischemic colitis.
Ischemic colitis and other forms of intestinal ischemia have been reported in patients receiving Zelnorm during marketed use of the drug.
The withdrawal resulted after several reports of serious and fatal GI adverse events, including ischemic colitis.
3]) antagonist alosetron after reports of 5 deaths, 49 cases of ischemic colitis, and 21 cases of severe constipation, many of which required hospital admission and/or surgery has left pharmaceutical companies skittish about pursuing drugs with similar pharmacologic properties.
The adverse incidences included cases of ischemic colitis, which result from a lack of blood flow to the colon, and 21 other cases of complications from severe constipation.
Use of LOTRONEX is not recommended in the pediatric population, based upon the risk of serious complications of constipation and ischemic colitis in adults.
Alosetron, approved in 2000 for women with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome, is an example of a drug that was withdrawn from the market for safety reasons but brought back with a risk management plan: Months after approval, it was voluntarily withdrawn because of cases of fatal ischemic colitis and severe complications of constipation associated with the drug.
Alosetron was first approved in 2000 but was withdrawn 8 months later because of 84 cases of ischemic colitis and 113 cases of serious constipation that led to several hospitalizations and 2 deaths.
Ischemic colitis is more commonly found in elderly patients with cardiovascular or other diseases.