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(New Testament) the Apostle who betrayed Jesus to his enemies for 30 pieces of silver


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in a many dark hour I've been thinkin' about this That Jesus Christ Was betrayed by a kiss But I can't think for you You'll have to decide Whether Judas Iscariot Had God on his side.
An example is the poem "For Judas Iscariot in Heaven in which he dazzles us with his mastery of language and knowledge of History, Mythology and Literature.
Later, Christ is depicted in intimate embrace with his lover Judas Iscariot.
Perhaps it is being locked in frozen stillness, like the traitors Judas Iscariot, Cassius, and Brutus in the last canto of Dante's Inferno.
Auditions 4th Wall Stage Company auditions for "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot,'' and "A Streetcar Named Desire,'' by appointment only.
She played Brian's girlfriend Judith Iscariot, but only recently found out the cult classic had been banned in her mayoral town.
Thanks to three gross verses of his own about breaking wind in a lavatory, plus cognate tales about Judas Iscariot, there was a version that Arius self-combusted when his bowels burst on the privy.
Just 48% of people questioned for the magazine poll correctly pinpointed the Resurrection of Christ while 42% could not name Judas Iscariot as the man who betrayed Jesus.
The Andrew Lloyd Webber rock 'n' roll musical about the last seven days of Jesus' life and his betrayal by Judas Iscariot was condemned by some Christians as sacrilegious when it first came out in the 1970s.
Town mayor Sue Jones-Davies who played Brian's girlfriend Judith Iscariot in the once controversial film, had campaigned to get it shown after recently learning of the ban.
A writer and documentary filmmaker based in New York and Jerusalem, Krosney describes how Egyptian peasants discovered a bound papyrus book in Coptic near the Nile in the middle to late 1970s that was identified in 2000 as the Gospel of Judas Iscariot, which was mentioned by some early Christians but condemned 1,800 years ago.
Holy Wednesday is an opportunity to reflect on the decision of Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus to the Jewish authorities for 30 pieces of silver.
He'll play King Herod in a cast that includes former Spice Girl Mel C as Mary Magdalene and musical comic Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot.
Judas Iscariot in Heaven is an unabashed collection of poems by Anthony Joyette, who feels it is unchristian to think of Judas anywhere else, but in heaven and his poems tell you why.