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the queen of Castile whose marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469 marked the beginning of the modern state of Spain

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I never say to him, "Let this or that enemy alone, because it would be ungenerous or cruel to harm them;" I say, "Let them alone, because I should hate them to be wronged:" and he'd crush you like a sparrow's egg, Isabella, if he found you a troublesome charge.
Catherine and Isabella were sitting in the library, on hostile terms, but silent: the latter alarmed at her recent indiscretion, and the disclosure she had made of her secret feelings in a transient fit of passion; the former, on mature consideration, really offended with her companion; and, if she laughed again at her pertness, inclined to make it no laughing matter to her.
No, no, Isabella, you sha'n't run off,' she continued, arresting, with feigned playfulness, the confounded girl, who had risen indignantly.
said Isabella, calling up her dignity, and disdaining to struggle from the tight grasp that held her, 'I'd thank you to adhere to the truth and not slander me, even in joke
Isabella swears that the love Edgar has for me is nothing to that she entertains for you.
If they were MINE, they would be none the less that,' said Heathcliff; 'but though Isabella Linton may be silly, she is scarcely mad; and, in short, we'll dismiss the matter, as you advise.
Not even baby daughter Isabella, who is barely two years old, gets a Get Out of Chores Free card when it comes to the general cleaning of the Padilla home.
Isabella Bank Corporation (OTCQX:ISBA), has announced that the board of directors of the Corporation declared a first quarter cash dividend of USD 0.
Isabella Ortiz, three, from Bramhall, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour - diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma - in June last year and given 12 months to live.
Isabella Bank Corporation (OTC: ISBA), the parent company of Isabella Bank, has said that it has promoted Peggy Wheeler as its chief operations officer.
Sabrina Bartlett said that playing Princess Isabella on History's "Knightfall" is an actor's dream.
Isabella Lyttle, 10, was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer, aged just three.
Isabella, KnightSpear's AI-enabled chatbot work coach, will soon have the ability to process data within the app, and send reports and suggestions to project managers to help them efficiently manage tasks, strategically plan projects and keep their team motivated and engaged.
Brave Isabella Lyttle, who turned 10 on Saturday, popped a letter into a plastic bottle following a meeting at Southampton Hospital.
Isabella Black had never heard the word "transgender" before she arrived in San Francisco.