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United States concert violinist (born in Russia in 1920)

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ISAAC Stern, the master violinist, died on Saturday.
Saturday: Violinist Isaac Stern, 81; comedian-actor Robin Williams, 49; actor Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor), 23.
These children will learn from some of the greatest musical talents in the world, such as Andre Previn, Yo-Yo Ma, and Isaac Stern, to name a few.
Thus far, this year's presenters are Walter Cronkite, Isaac Stern and Sir Peter Ustinov.
Violinist Isaac Stern has not seen wife Nora Kaye dance on the stage.
The defense team of James Linn and Gerry Spence handled their peremptories the way Isaac Stern wields a violin bow.
Laredo was violist of a Piano Quartet with renowned pianist Emanuel Ax, celebrated violinist Isaac Stern, and distinguished cellist Yo-Yo Ma, his close colleagues and chamber music collaborators.
We print up to 59”-wide bags, so retailers have a lot of options when they come to us for their plastic packaging orders,” said Isaac Stern, the Vice President of Excellent Poly Bags.
Turkish pianist and composer Fahir Atakoglu accompanied Aksu in two-and-a-half-hour concert in a fully packed Isaac Stern Auditorium as the audience gave a standing ovation to the legendary Turkish pop icon.
A The movie was Humoresque (1946) with a classical score provided by Isaac Stern.
Lawrence also directed the first film ever commissioned by the Library of Congress, Memory and Imagination, which features Isaac Stern, Francis Ford Coppola, and Gore Vidal.
Polisi's beaming smile welcomes Leonard Bernstein, Bill Cosby, Wynton Marsalis, Isaac Stern, Leontyne Price and Robin Williams, among many celebrities.
Anyone, meaning early inspirations like roots fiddlers Doug Kershaw and Vassar Clements to his encounters with Grappelli and classical violinists Isaac Stern and Yehudi Menuhin to his work with contemporaries like Joshua Bell, Edgar Meyer and Yo-Yo Ma.
Isaac Stern once praised Michael Sand as "the most convincing argument for the Baroque violin I have ever heard.
Remember in the Gulf War how Jewish maestro Isaac Stern flew to Tel Aviv and played his violin in the streets in a gas mask.