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Irvingia gabonensis (sweet bush mango also known as Dika fruit) is an agricultural product common in the South western Nigeria.
Developing improved methods of processing and utilization of kernels of Irvingia gabonesis (var.
Irvingia kernels are used in soup making as they form an important part of the West and Central African diet.
Some of the popular seeds used for soup preparation as condiments and thickeners in the Igbo speaking South Eastern parts of Nigeria are Irvingia gabonesis (ogbono) and Citrullus colocynthis (melon).
Weight Loss (Cha de Bugre, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Irvingia Gabonensis, Hoodia Gordonii)
Conspicuously absent in the literature is the interrelationships between Irvingia gabonensis and the soils.
Not rated 53 Alchornea hirtella Not rated 54 Bridelia brideffolia Not rated 55 Croton haumanianus Not rated 56 Phyllanthus discoideus Not rated 57 Caloncoba welwetschii Not rated 58 Mammea africana Not rated 59 Symphonia globufera Not rated 60 Garcinia punctata Not rated 61 Garcinia kola vu 62 Garcinia ovalifolia Not rated 63 Afrostyrax kamerunensis Not rated 64 Klainedoxa gabonensis oblongifoliaNot rated 65 Irvingia sp.
Dilleniaceae), Irvingia malayana (Simaroubaceae), the Burma lacquer varnish tree (Gluta usitata, Anacar-diaceae), the pine Pinus merkusii, Pterocarpus macrocarpus and Sindora siamensis (both Legumi-nosae), some species of Terminalia (Combre-taceae), and Xylia kerrii (Leguminosae).
This category of traders is essentially spontaneous and generally consists of people with other activities (civil servants for instance), who join the market when there are intensive activities for well-known NTFPs such as Irvingia sp.
Irvingia wombolu is a highly sought after multipurpose fruit tree ranked as the most important species for its food and commercial value in West and Central Africa.