Irving Langmuir

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United States chemist who studied surface chemistry and developed the gas-filled tungsten lamp and worked on high temperature electrical discharges (1881-1957)


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Laboratory managers will be particularly intrigued by Chapter 3, which recounts how Nobelist Irving Langmuir, while at the GE Research Labs in the 1920s, investigated and subsequently exposed several of what he came to call "pathological science" (see Research * Technology Management, Sept.
This theory was researched sporadically over the years until it was championed in the early 1900s by Irving Langmuir, a scientist working for General Electric in New York.
What's more, two GE scientists were named Nobel Laureates: Irving Langmuir was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1932 for ground-breaking work in chemistry and Ivar Giaever was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 for his work in studying superconductivity and opening the path to a whole new class of electronic devices.
His uncle, Irving Langmuir, a physicist and chemist, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1932.
Lawrence Memorial Award (1985), the Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics (1990), the American Chemical Society Award in Theoretical Chemistry (1994), the Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry (1996), the Ira Remsen Award (1997), the Spiers Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (1998), the Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry (2003), the Welch Award in Chemistry (2007), and the Hershbach Award in Molecular Dynamics (2007).