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That song, written for and about his mother, is the basis of the following analysis of the symbolic structuring of a non-traditional song in English that builds out of an Iroquoian discourse tradition.
Broadening the scope, one might argue that the Iroquoian tradition in which women appointed and removed male leaders, rather than serving formally as leaders themselves, placed women in the position of maintaining and reproducing the political system and men in the position of enacting policy.
Many of the ceramics represent local wares, but the presence of plain shell-tempered pottery suggests an early Upper Mississippian influence; decorative motifs on grit-temper ed ceramics, as well, are suggestive of Iroquoian groups.
This mixture of scorn for European peasant culture and ambiguous approval of native culture (whose recording here is surprisingly accurate about Iroquoian customs) persists in Canadian literary works even today, although many writers, such as Rudy Wiebe, continue to see the important connections and tensions between native and folk cultures.
A tribe of the Iroquoian linguistic stock formerly living in northwestern North Carolina.
Augustus had two wives, Kahkewaquonaby's mother, who was Mississauga and was not a Christian convert, and another, who was Iroquoian and was a Christian convert.
compiles 24 recent articles on Iroquoian archaeology, written mostly from the 1990s on and drawn from regional and international journals, edited volumes, and conference proceedings.
Nationhood, nation building is on our minds," he said, adding that the Iroquois Caucus wanted to ensure that any "reincarnation of the AFN is inclusive of our wishes as Iroquoian people.
May seems to be an eventful month for the Kanata Iroquoian Village in Brantford, Ont.
Participants in encounter and inculturation in earlier centuries, be they Iroquoian pipe-smokers, priests of the cocoa cult, creole elites or French missionaries, proceeded as if aware that cultural transfer was not simply imposition, but rather negotiation.
While some of these were clearly inspired by non-indigenous headgear such as Victorian style sportsmen's and smoking caps, as well as the Scottish highland glengarry, the crown type in question may have origins in traditional Iroquoian men's headgear.
Drawing from Laura Wright's correspondence, much of which is no longer extant, Caswell explains the goals and work of the Wright mission, recounts Iroquoian traditions told to her, and describes Seneca ceremonies witnessed, although not in a totally objective way.
And the people of the longhouse exhibit looks at the first peoples as cultivators of corn, beans and squash and the important place women have in the social and political life of Iroquoian society," Andrea Laforet said.
The Iroquoian speaking Huron lived on the Penetanguishene Peninsula on the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.