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work made of iron (gratings or rails or railings etc)

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IMPACT's regional and national programs extend this approach, creating a national labor-management network, which promotes discussion of issues affecting the industry as a whole and enables the creation of effective strategies for resolving concerns to create opportunities for the union ironworking industry.
Cyprus is a curious place for ironworking technology to develop, even when taking account of its high metallurgical "predisposition" (Zaccagnini JAOS 110 |1990~: 498).
Added to this is a rich industrial and architectural heritage - the cotton mills of Derbyshire, the ironworks and coal mines of Gloucestershire's Forest of Dean, and relics of the ironworking and related trades of Coalbrookdale that made this area the cradle of the industrial revolution.
The KPI's, fifteen in all, represent key goals in five major areas specific to the Ironworking trade - Apprenticeship and Training, Market Recovery, Political Action, Workforce Productivity and Local Union Operations.
The minor element distribution of iron also suggested specific areas of ironworking, associated with major geophysical anomalies; and an intense concentration of phosphorous and calcium suggested a cemetery area (Clogg in Hoilund Nielsen & Loveluck 2006: 66-7).
Each test measures proficiency in a different area of ironworking knowledge from welding to ornamental construction.
Having been populated since Bronze Age times it took off in the 19th century as an ironworking centre and in the 20th it became a coal town with more than 10,000 employed in pits.
Dupree is at pains to point out that the fit between adult male potters and the industry was not perfect - some of their sons went into mining or ironworking, while not all of their wives or daughters worked for wages - but, overall, the role of the minutely-subdivided pottery industry was a huge, readily-tapped source of work.
In a selection of texts, Dalley demonstrates the interest in and activities of the Assyrian kings, Sargon and Sennacherib, relating to metalworking as well as the continuation of bronze technology in Dilmun long after the Assyrians had adopted ironworking.
Training includes learning techniques that focus on welding, placing and tying rebar, rigging of materials and equipment, structural steel erection, miscellaneous steel installation and ornamental ironworking to include installation and retrofit of glass curtain and window wall systems.
These hands-on models help illustrate challenges and nuances of architectural and ornamental ironworking that are often difficult to convey on paper.
Ironworking, steelmaking, tool-making, all these things were important in this area," said Mr.
Later the fort was extended and new buildings were erected, and there is evidence of small-scale industrial activity such as ironworking.
The Ironbridge Gorge site became a recognised World Heritage Site in 1986, protecting the factories dedicated to ironworking, fine china, tiles and clay smoking pipes.