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a person who makes articles of iron

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Joe worked as a union Ironworker over 35 years on many construction projects in the area, including several years on the Seabrook Nuclear Power plant before retiring from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.
th] annual Ironworkers Instructor Training Program on Wednesday, July 16[sup.
A relationship with Union Ironworkers is based on improving business.
These competitions provide a fun, yet practical way for union ironworkers to demonstrate proficiency in a controlled environment -- with some healthy competition from their peers," says Greg Schulze, apprenticeship and training coordinator for the State of Texas.
Bell, business manager/FS-T, Ironworkers Local Union 79.
com/), the Ironworkers Union works closely with signatory contractors, industry leaders and business owners, adding partnership value and pushing the bar for increased ironworker performance, productivity, quality and safety.
Kenneth Moll said, "the primary goals of this class action are to (1) obtain a Court Order forcing manufacturers to stop the manufacture and sale of welding products that contain manganese and issue a recall, (2) inform the public that welders (pipe fitters, electrical workers, ironworkers, steelworkers, metal workers, plumbers, railroad maintenance workers, piledrivers, millwrights, glass manufacturers, etc.
In 2009, Union Ironworkers resolve to actively pursue relationships with contractors with whom no relationship exists to productively manage construction projects and workloads ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget.
The Local 46 Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers Union has trained and certified more than 200 field technicians on post-tension concrete at its training center in Queens.
Firemen had no way of searching through the twisted steel debris until the ironworkers arrived, bringing with them the skill and the equipment to cut the steel and move burned out vehicles from the streets, making way for rescue and recovery equipment.
Through all the years before and since, Mirgliotta has used union ironworkers, rewarding the same group that helped him make his name in the business.
Terry Strobel - The ironworker and crane foreman, from ironworkers' union, Local 40, arrived at the stricken World Trade Center site as a volunteer, climbing on unstable debris and grabbing his cutting torch without hesitation if it could free someone trapped in the rubble.
Our dedication to ironworkers and the construction industry as a whole is something we take very seriously and will continue in the future for many years to come.
With more than 5,000 active and retired ironworkers and rodworkers, the Administrators wanted to improve the predictability and reliability of the entire value chain for their members.
Bosworth credits the union ironworkers who worked 60-hour weeks to erect the more than 7,800 tons of structural steel that shapes the iconic and impressive, 21st century limestone and glass form of the stadium.