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English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)

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11 November 2017: Fleur De Lys v Abergavenny, Abertysswg v Newport HSOB, Tredegar Ironsides v Usk, Monmouth v Machen, Oakdale v RTB Ebbw Vale, Blackwood Stars v Chepstow.
As with its predecessor fund, Ironsides IV will focus on investments in primary funds with USD 200m to USD 1.
Old Ironsides no doubt was skillfully captained and manned during those battles with the British navy, but it also was a lucky ship.
Henceforth, the ship received the nickname "Old Ironsides.
Most of the big guns, who entered the fray for the first time yesterday, romped to one-sided triumphs, with CAMARTHAN QUINNS slamming TREDEGA IRONSIDES 81-0 and the ref blew up seven minutes early.
It earned the nickname Old Ironsides in the War of 1812 because cannon shots bounced harmlessly off the hull.
Among the famous poems included are "Old Ironsides," "The Gettysburg Address," and "America the Beautiful.
President George Washington authorized the ship, nicknamed "Old Ironsides," for construction in 1794.
The USS Constitution got its nickname, "Old Ironsides," following a battle with the British ship HMS Guerriere on Aug.
Designed to allow suppliers to integrate directly seamlessly into the enterprise systems of their trading partners, Ironside Buyer Integrator enables the real-time acceptance of files directly from individual purchasing systems, translating them into the required format for the Ironsides customers' back-end ERP systems through use of XML.
Phillips, of Llanishen, Gwent, was celebrating Monmouth's victory over Tredegar Ironsides in the Welsh National League.
In contrast to ``Old Ironsides,'' the battle to preserve Lockheed Martin Corp.
Raymond Burr, first as Perry Mason and then as Ironsides, still shows up in reruns.
Old Ironsides was the popular name for the United States frigate Constitution, which played a notable part in the War of 1812, especially in a fight with the British frigate Guerriere, August 19, 1812.
Holmes earned local recognition as a youth with the poem Old Ironsides.