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a man who is a native or inhabitant of Ireland

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Off he went without saying a word to the Irishman, and everything happened to him just as it had done to the Scotsman.
Was the old fellow actually murdered two or three nights ago, by an Irishman and a nigger?
As Captain Bonneville knew Tom's utter awkwardness and inexperience, and the dangers of a bewildered Irishman in the midst of a prairie, he halted and encamped at an early hour, that there might be a regular hunt for him in the morning.
here followed windy promises of gold and preferment, office and honour, ever dear to a certain type of Irishman.
Forward then they set, the Indians with their horses well freighted, and the first load convoyed by Reed and five men, well armed; the gallant Irishman striding along at the head, with his tin case of despatches glittering on his back.
It had been said of him--in relation to these signs--that he would have struck you as a Jew had he not, in spite of his nose, struck you so much as an Irishman.
His long, large-featured face was as pale as a moon, and it was easy to remember that he was the only Irishman in the room.
I think I more resemble the Irishman who, seeing a crowd collecting, sent his little girl out to ask if there was going to be a row --"'Cos, if so, father would like to be in it.
A huge Irishman at their head, they were passing buckets towards the after-hold; the press of people hid the hatchway from us until we gained the poop; but we heard the buckets spitting and a hose-pipe hissing into the flames below; and we saw the column of white vapor rising steadily from their midst.
Can it be possible that the painters make John the Baptist a Spaniard in Madrid and an Irishman in Dublin?
You can spot an Irishman or a Yorkshireman by his brogue.
I still see this order and the name of Seldon, Irishman.
I whispered to the big Irishman, and made for the bow compartment where the torpedo-tubes are built into the boat; here, too, were the torpedoes.
Well, I don't believe anyone but an Irishman would have done that.
The two men came against each other in grips, and almost before he had exerted himself the Irishman found himself in the merciless vise of a half-Nelson that buried him head and shoulders in the snow.