Irish wolfhound

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large breed of hound with a rough thick coat

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Despite working as a business consultant for most of her life, Cathy has always written stories and always wanted an Irish Wolfhound.
Dogs are gathering for the first annual meeting of the WOOF Society, chaired by an Irish wolfhound, to listen to the secret diaries of dogs from around the world and through history?
He's half Irish wolfhound, but mostly trouble," said Brian Valente, 39, who works in software.
The results were compared with DNA from 140 dogs representing 67 breeds around the world--from the African basenji to the Irish wolfhound.
Experts also blamed the recession as families struggle to cover the cost of caring for big breeds such as the Irish wolfhound.
Meanwhile registration of the English setter has dropped by 32 per cent and the Irish wolfhound has reduced by 26 per cent.
Kate, who has Irish ancestors, dressed in green and took time to stroke the regimental mascot, an Irish wolfhound called Domhnall.
Ready for duty: Conmael, the Irish Wolfhound mascot lines up with the guardsmen of the Irish Guards as they are inspected at their barracks in Windsor, as they prepare for their duties during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton next Friday.
Also pictured are soldiers from the regiment and mascot Conmeal the Irish Wolfhound Picture: MILLS MEDIA
A dog because mine was put to sleep last year and I can't have another one, I would get a proper dog like an Irish Wolfhound or a Great Dane.
The very extreme will go down the route of deserting England in favour of another national side, often using the most tenuous of reasons such as their granny was once bitten by an Irish wolfhound while having a Guinness.
She was finally rescued by paramedics when the barking of her faithful Irish wolfhound, Patsy, alerted a passer-by.
John has eight Rottweilers and an Irish wolfhound, but, in true eccentric rock star fashion, there are no poky kennels for these cossetted canines.
Kate was at the regiment's barracks in Aldershot, Hants, to present 300 shamrocks to officers and guardsmen, as well as their mascot, Irish wolfhound Domhnall.
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