Irish water spaniel

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breed of large spaniels developed in Ireland having a heavy coat of liver-colored curls and a topknot of long curls and a nearly hairless tail

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Radcliff says the donation was made in the name of his family's three current dogs: Libbi -- chocolate Labrador, Saskia -- German shepherd and Hugo -- Irish water spaniel.
Liz Waters, from Shrewsbury, has been showing dogs at Crufts for 40 years and has brought Ego, the Irish Water Spaniel, to this year's event.
Beannaithe" (Blessed) is how the old Gaelic hunters in Ireland viewed the Shannon spaniel that later became known as the Irish water spaniel.
Irish Water Spaniel - Though the Irish Water Spaniel is one of the oldest spaniels today, it is also very rare.
The Irish water spaniel was developed by Justin McCarthy in Dublin.
Rogue seemed to fit a rollicking Irish red setter, and Finnegan said it all when applied to a clownish Irish water spaniel, who eventually enjoyed a long career on stage as a member of Orin Bendon's canine entertainers.
In the second period, from 1920 to today, American waterfowlers came to rely more and more on five British breeds: Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, flat-coat retrievers, curly-coat retrievers and Irish water spaniel.
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