Irish punt

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formerly the basic unit of money in Ireland

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The Group continues its progress towards satisfactory financial results, producing the first substantial interim profit before taxation since 1987 - Irish Punt 5.
Profit before interest and taxation for the first six months of 1993 of Irish punt 3.
Significant reshaping of both Waterford and Wedgwood businesses provided for by exceptional costs of Irish punt 18.
For a rough conversion, add a quarter to the Irish punt amount.
For British purchasers it was more than offset by the high value of sterling compared with the Irish punt and it produced a much-needed Irpounds 700,000 for the sales company.
The Dutch guilder will stop on January 28, the Irish punt will be taken out of service on February 9, and the French franc will go on February 17.
From midnight on February 9 the Irish punt will cease to be legal tender and we shall all have to use euros whether we like it or not.
Lady makes Darcy's day A tasty Irish punt was landed when Boherna Lady gave Kevin Darcy a successful conclusion to his first British trip when justifying 2-1 favouritism in the 2m3f handicap hurdle.
Despite their economy being in shreds, apparently the Irish punt now has changed its inscription from "the bearer promises to pay" to "we will try", their enduring affability and love of a good "craic" is contagious.
Britain and the Republic of Ireland had a currency union from 1922 until 1979 when the Irish punt was floated on the world markets because at the time it was not considered to be in the Republic's long-term interest to be tied to sterling.
YEARS after the old Irish punt disappeared in 2002, it seems there are still quite a few of them lying around under mattresses and even behind wallpaper.
That's about where the Irish punt was priced back in 1998 when Perri entered the import business.
Irishman Maurice Fitzgerald, a shootout champ a decade ago, sometimes uses an old Irish punt coin, but most of the time places a New York City subway token right behind his golf ball.
In addition to blocking a late Irish punt, junior quarterback Jesse Flick completed 12-of-24 passes for 149 yards with four interceptions.
But what I didn't like was Roddy Collins saying he was taking my job before an Irish punt was even on the table.
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