Irish punt

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formerly the basic unit of money in Ireland

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YEARS after the old Irish punt disappeared in 2002, it seems there are still quite a few of them lying around under mattresses and even behind wallpaper.
Mr Ahern demonstrated his confidence by backing the return of his government when he visited a Dublin betting shop on Friday to highlight last night's end of the Irish punt currency as legal tender.
HISTORY was made last night when the Irish Punt went out of existence at midnight.
The EIF provided a guarantee of Irish Punt 10 million (Euro 12.
Then the Trojans recovered an Irish punt returner's fumble, and Robinson was a coach of historic accomplishment.
A few years earlier, in 1994, the firm had suffered greatly from currency fluctuations - where once the Irish punt was worth 92p, the reverse had become true.
People in Newry, in County Down, have always dealt in both the Irish punt and the British pound sterling.
Spain's peseta, Italy's lira, the French franc, German deutschmark and event the Irish punt are no longer legal tender in Europe having been replaced by the euro.
The Dutch guilder will be the first currency to go - on January 28 - followed by the Irish punt on February 9 and the French franc by February 17.
For the 12th month in a row, the Irish Punt was the strongest currency in the system.
Nasdaq:ESPI) today announced that, beginning September 1, 1999, its subsidiary ValueWeb, a leading Web-hosting and e-commerce solutions provider, will offer customers around the world the option of paying their invoices in eight local currencies: the Canadian dollar, the Euro (the currency of the European Community), the British pound, the German mark, the French franc, the Dutch guilder, the Irish punt and the Japanese yen.
Richard Jones, the Oxfam Cymru media officer, said just a few unwanted foreign coins can change a life - with a single French franc being enough to buy one kilo of maize and one Irish punt enough to buy a school book.
The 12 national currencies being replaced by the euro from January 1 are the French franc, German mark, Spanish peseta, Dutch guilder, Italian lira, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Austrian schilling, Portuguese escudo, Belgian franc, Luxembourg franc, and Finnish markka.
The Dutch guilder will be the first to go on January 28, then the Irish punt on February 9, and the French franc, February 17.
Conor then headed to the Irish Punt restaurant where he worked which is situated just off Wall Street.
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