Irish pound

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formerly the basic unit of money in Ireland

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While this implied some softening of the role of the exchange rate commitment, monetary policy in Ireland remained focused the requirement of exchange rate stability, a number of devaluations of the Irish pound notwithstanding.
In seven of the eleven realignments in the first decade of the EMS, the Irish pound was devalued against the deutsche mark.
Then, with the dual pricing, they'll be able to buy what they want without any worries about what the Irish pound is worth against the euro, or vice-versa.
Despite its participation in the ERM, the Irish pound depreciated fairly steadily against the Deutschmark over the period 1979 - 85, but this only partially accommodated the country's excess inflation and the real DM/Ir[pound] exchange rate appreciated.
The premium on sterling against the Irish pound fell in the wake of suspension, and did not veer far above its par value of 8.
This is not seen as a policy option at the moment, although we did devalue the Irish pound in 1987.
54) Weighted Average Ordinary Shares in Period 21,124,202 21,124,202 15,300,575 1 The summary financial information above is expressed in US Dollars, solely for convenience, at the US Dollar rate of exchange against the Irish pound at September 30, 2001 of IR(pound)1 = US$1.
Traditionally the majority of layers at the Festival have accepted the Irish pound to accommodate the hordes of visitors from across the Irish Sea.
Six years after the Irish Republic's independence from Britain in 1922,the Irish pound was established.
Irish-based telecommunications firm Ocean said recently it had signed a 15 million Irish Pound deal with Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson to provide voice network systems for Ocean.
The unwinding of the hike in interest rates in March 1995 has played a role in sustaining the upturn of the Irish economy, without weakening the effective exchange rate of the Irish pound.
And while weak global and EU markets in the first half were compounded by a strong Irish pound, so intervention was utilised to a greater extent than in 1993.
There were also cases where management and workers agreed to defer local bargaining increases or negotiations as a result of trading difficulties arising from the depreciation of sterling against the Irish pound.
Dollar rate of exchange against the Irish pound at March 31, 2001 of IR pound 1 = US$1.
In a deal almost identical to the one Mr Mittal was then negotiating with Romania, featuring the same guarantee of no job cuts for five years, Ispat bought the Haulbowline plant in County Cork for one Irish pound from the Dublin government in May 1996.
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