Irish people

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people of Ireland or of Irish extraction


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And today the bakery is ready give away a FREE pack of delicious Sunblest Hot Cross Buns to every Irish People reader
Although State bad bank Nama has obtained a judgement for [euro]184million against him on behalf of the Irish people, the ruined developer claims he does not owe a cent.
People in France, Italy, Spain and Poland all had a lower BMI than Irish people.
This emphasises Irish people see wind energy as a real alternative which will help stabilise their energy bills and benefit Ireland in terms of jobs and investment to the local economy.
And only one per cent of Irish people living in Britain for between six and 10 years have applied to become a British citizen, according to latest British Home Office figures.
Creator of The Portadown News, NEWTON EMERSON, kicked off the celebrations for The Irish People when he picked up the award for specialist journalist of the year in print.
If the Irish people had not been forced to take on the debts of private institutions such as Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank the country would be thriving.
Delaney said that following on from that breakthrough 17 per cent of Irish people now play soccer compared to just 13 per cent that partake in gaelic games.
Next Sunday we will let YOU, the readers, decide who should be the Irish People Face of Ireland 2003.
If anything, the Irish people are even more shackled to the gambling debts of the former Anglo Irish Bank.
Many people, such as singer Sinead O'Connor, have returned home to a new prosperous homeland, while age has taken its toll on the generation of Irish people who left for Britain in the 1950s.
YES, your super Irish People and Sunblest have joined together for the tastiest readers' offer yet
SINN FEIN yesterday branded Finance Minister Michael Noonan "a modern Trevelyan" who has condemned the Irish people to poverty and emigration.
But NCAA president Myles Brand said no action would be taken against Notre Dame, founded by Irish migrants in 1800s, as the leprechaun was deemed "inoffensive" to Irish people.
IT was another great year for our top team of columnists at The Irish People.
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