Irish moss

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dark purple edible seaweed of the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America

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In addition, the Irish moss Chondrus crispus promotes the regeneration of damaged skin, improves cell growth, counteracts the destructive forces of oxidation, and is an excellent source of skin-supporting vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.
Andre and his twin brother, Lucas, are in the surf helping to harvest Irish moss when Thunder, the horse, becomes injured.
Start with three very small and slow-growing plants (creepingthyme, Irish moss, and button ferns make a pleasing combo).
The chief constituent of Irish moss (about 55%) is a mucilaginous body, a polysaccharide.
The ensembles include Deep Sea, colored in various shades of blue on a sateen fabric; Irish Moss, with shades of green; Red Earth, which uses shades of red; and White Clay, in various white hues.
There's a folk remedy for radiation poisoning using Kentucky Coffee Tree seeds, corn silk, linden flowers and the seaweeds Irish moss, kelp and dulse.
It's where he and his wife, Rhonda, a neonatal intensive-care nurse, slip away from the stress of their jobs, losing themselves in the tranquil Zen garden, koi ponds, waterways trickling over smooth Mexican beach stones, weeping cherry trees, Japanese maples, Austrian and Scotch bonsai pines, and the luxuriant Irish moss, which in the spring is "like a carpet," says Dr.
Ground rice for example, combined with grapefruit essential oil, juniper berry essential oil and kaolin makes a deep-cleansing shower scrub, while a blend of pine, juniper, lemon and lavender oils together with an infusion of Irish moss and comfrey herbs and tincture of arnica is recommended as a bath potion for relieving aches and pains.
The collection is available through doctor's offices, salons and day spas and includes eye shadow in shimmery pink Morganite and medium-tone Irish Moss for a daytime look, Moonstone, Azurite and Heather Smoke eyeshadow for evening, Crushed Mineral eyeshadow and Eye Liner pencil.
The appeal came after it emerged that TV brainbox Carol Vorderman has become the latest convert to the amazing natural properties of Irish moss.
Pelisima treatments, which aren't animal tested and have no animal ingredients, are formulated with such herbal essences as calendula, cherimoya blossom, ginkgo and Irish moss.
Bands of Irish moss, cut from nursery flats and set into a waterproof metal tray, along with LED candle lights add greenery and glow to the recycled wood table for an evening party.
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