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The following pages consider Edgeworth's civic nationalism, tracing the progression of her thought from the Essay on Irish Bulls (1802), which she co-authored with her father Richard Lovell Edgeworth, to her two subsequent (independently authored) novels, Ennui (1809) and The Absentee (1812).
Its job title is Irish bull, which WNW defines as "a ludicrously illogical or incongruous mistake in statement.
The stress is placed on that supposedly, for the Irish bull has long been a weapon of linguistic warfare for the Gaels.
Considered an "apology" by Marilyn Butler for Castle Rackrent, Irish Bulls tackles the question of Irish identity coupled with a long-standing history of turmoil between England and Ireland all under the guise of defining the origin and use of the Irish bull.
Sonja Lawrenson's chapter on imperial interrelations in Maria Edgeworth's An Essay on Irish Bulls (1802) includes brilliant and subtle analysis of the seemingly simple but actually complex short story "Little Dominick.
This is precisely what the Edgeworths denounced in Essay on Irish Bulls.
IRISH bulls are now in demand all over the world after a scientific breakthrough which allows them to produce more female calves than males.
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