Irish Sea

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an arm of the North Atlantic between Great Britain and Ireland

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5% year on year increase in the number of cars it carried across the Irish Sea in the month of July.
The Minister said: "I was delighted that the negotiations resulted in an increase which helps us move towards a more balanced fishing economy in the Irish Sea that is less dependent on prawn fishing.
This EirGrid East-West Interconnector will comprise undersea cables across the Irish Sea connecting the transmission system in the Republic of Ireland to that in Great Britain.
These animals are top predators so this is an indication of the cocktail of chemicals in the Irish Sea.
BR is also evaluating exploitation options for its remaining East Irish Sea fields.
The North Irish Sea Array (NISA) has the potential to produce up to 870 MW of wind energy from the Irish Sea and will commence with the development of a 15 MW demonstration project entailing an investment of 80million in a new research and development hub for offshore wind energy.
The company hopes to be able to find the necessary reductions in the cost of operating its vessels on the Irish Sea by working together with the trade union officials and representatives.
Mr Benyon said: "It was good to meet the people who are involved in the Irish Sea conservation zones project and I look forward to seeing their recommendations on what areas should be given greater protection.
However, the number of days vessels can fish in the Irish Sea have been cut by one.
Nuclear waste pumped into the Irish Sea from Sellafield is to be cut by 90%, it was announced yesterday.
The rating reflects the worse-than-average industry characteristics and an aggressive capital structure, but benefits from the company's established market position on the Irish Sea freight ferry market and the introduction of two brand new "Roll-On Passenger" (Ropax) ferries, which Cenargo was able to order at favorable terms in Spain.
A slightly larger earthquake was recorded in the Irish Sea back in May, which was felt in parts of Ireland and North Wales.
Under this contract, FLiDAR will collaborate with DONG Energy for a 1 year measurement movement in Irish Sea.
DFDS Seaways is the new name for Norfolkline's Irish Sea services from the Mersey.
SCIENTISTS today called for a ban on cod fishing in the North Sea, Irish Sea and off the west coast of Scotland in 2005 because stocks are so low.
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