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Aengus O Snodaigh has said yesterday it should be held on April 24, the anniversary of the reading of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic by Padraig Pearse in 1916.
However, it is not clear that all Catholics in the province would want to end the union with Britain and unite with the Irish Republic, particularly when Dublin is struggling to emerge from a deep financial crisis.
Those infected have been campaigning for payments to be assessed in the same way as in the Irish Republic, where pay outs are much higher.
Tesco said it had checked the origin of all the meats in its supermarkets and sells no fresh pork from the Irish Republic.
The north-south relations are one of the three strands that have to be dealt with so, therefore, of course we will meet with the government of the Irish Republic.
He said: ``We have indicated that it is necessary for us to have a good relationship with our neighbour in the Irish Republic.
SEVEN people suspected of links with the Real IRA have been arrested in the Irish Republic and France as part of an operation covering a number of European countries, Irish police said yesterday.
This choice of venue incidentally highlighted the massive inequalities that have been exacerbated rather than alleviated by these years of unprecedented prosperity in the Irish Republic, adding a local resonance to the questions of community and consensus raised by the work.
as they are no longer able to use the Irish Republic due to the current political climate.
THE remains of a Bronze Age burial pit have been discovered in Co Longford in the Irish Republic.
To claim, please call 08705 11 44 00 (from the Irish Republic 0044 8705 11 44 00) between 10.
The Blackburn Rovers boss had heard stories of a fall-out between himself and the Irish Republic wing-back, but said: "I like Macca.
A FORMER Butlins holiday camp near Dublin is to be used to house people seeking political asylum in the Irish Republic.
Two days later, international participants took part in a media seminar at the Newman Institute in Ballina, in the Irish Republic, held to mark the launch of the institute's new Mayo Centre for Media and Communications.
Senate majority leader chosen in 1996 by the prime ministers of Britain and the Irish Republic to chair Northern Ireland peace talks.
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