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the prime minister of the Irish Republic

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The Irish prime minister, also called the Taoiseach, was in Austin for the South by Southwest festival and to officially open Ireland's first consulate in the state.
BEIRUT: Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny announced additional funds Monday to assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon and for the communities hosting them.
The Irish Prime Minister hailed the cultural, social and economic development achieved by the UAE at all levels, reflected in the welfare and prosperity of the Emiratis, and praised the sophisticated infrastructure and cultural and social diversity, which is deemed a unique feature of the Emirati community.
DOHA, Jan 7 (KUNA) -- Visiting Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said on Tuesday his country was seeking to complete the conclusion of the GCC-EU free trade agreement, stressing the significance of this deal to both sides.
The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said that the truth behind the rogue culture in the banking sector will be uncovered by the parliamentary inquiry, revealing the causes behind the sector's collapse five years ago.
Irish prime minister Michael Higgins hosted a TV show featuring many of Ireland's top artists and musicians, including Bono and Nobel-winning poet Seamus Heaney.
The Irish Independent said the deal would be announced at a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the White House during an annual reception to mark St.
Meanwhile, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said he is awaiting a report by an expert group on the issue but will not be rushed into an immediate decision on the right to abortion.
At the White House, the main South Lawn Fountain turned green and the workers residing close by prepared for Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny' visit on Tuesday.
Enda Kenny the Irish Prime Minister has imposed a 30% cut in all Irish MPs pay and a 20% cut in all Irish Civil Servants pay.
Last week it was humiliated by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who vilified it for its continued attempts to cover up crimes of paedophilia in the Catholic Church.
Julia Stagg, who went to Cardinal Wiseman Secondary School in Potters Green, launched her debut novel L'Auberge with the help of Fionnuala Kenny, the wife of the Irish Prime Minister.
Brian Cowen, now the most unpopular Irish prime minister in recent history, is expected to lose a general election held next year, due to his poor handling of the crisis.
Summary: Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen has brushed aside speculation that he was drunk or hungover on a radio programme.
HRH Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa sent similar cables to the President of Ireland Mary McAleese and Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen.
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