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the Celtic language of Ireland

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They consider this practice as key in the dissemination of the language and culture of the territories in which they operate, since it supports the local minority-language content production industry (in Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Irish Gaelic, respectively).
In Scottish and Irish Gaelic, the 'mh' sound is closest to a 'v' pronunciation in English.
Work has already started in Ireland on what will be a much larger corpus covering the period 1882-2000, and it is reasonable to hope that the team will benefit from discussion with the Scottish lexicographers working on the same period: a very large percentage of the words which will appear in the Irish Gaelic corpus for that period must surely appear also (with whatever spelling variants) in any corresponding Scottish Gaelic corpus.
It is hoped that the translation of the book, which is also being translated into Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic, will encourage youngsters to take up these ancient languages.
The Columba Initiative, based at the college, is making bridges between the Scots and Irish Gaelic communities - a healthy forerunner, we hope, to other joint work such as our Euro 2008 bid.
Cathal O Searcaigh too has demonstrated that Irish Gaelic is capable of dealing with the realities of a changed emotional, sexual, and psychic landscape without losing contact with a specific rural past.
He had mastered Latin, Greek, German, French, Irish Gaelic and Welsh, and (as this book shows) could quote the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist sages.
IRISH Gaelic Games legend Jimmy Barry-Murphy has a passion for greyhounds-both on the track and up the field.
Whereas Irish Gaelic is the official language of the Republic of Ireland, its Scottish derivative enjoys no such status.
He became caught up in the cause of Irish nationalism, and he changed his name to its Irish form and learned Irish Gaelic.
Patrick's Day spirit and brush up on their brogue by offering a free, online trial of Irish Gaelic from March 11 - 18, 2010.
MacNeil is a native Scottish Gaelic speaker and also took his parliamentary oath in Irish Gaelic, his late mother's language.
ANSWERS: 1 Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit; 2 Wall Street; 3 The areas where Irish Gaelic is the vernacular speech; 4 The Balearic Islands; 5 The Three-Cornered Hat; 6 Alexander Pope; 7 Long on; 8 The far side of the Moon; 9 The Falkland Islands; 10 Shine Ya Light.
Most are concerned with Irish Gaelic, though the last essay looks at devotional publications in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic.
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