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Synonyms for Irish


Synonyms for Irish

people of Ireland or of Irish extraction


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whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley

References in classic literature ?
So it comes about that in old Scottish and in old Irish manuscripts we find the same stories.
An Irish regiment, for just so long as it stands still, is generally a hard handful to control, being reckless and rough.
A little Irish girl of my own age had been paired off with me.
He had some remote claim on it, as on a family castle; and those who knew him thought him capable of imitating the primitive Irish chieftains who fell fighting against the sea.
Next to the lady's chamber was deposited the body of an Irish gentleman who arrived too late at the inn to have been mentioned before.
George said it was absurd to have only four potatoes in an Irish stew, so we washed half-a-dozen or so more, and put them in without peeling.
The first is, that the federal legislature will possess a part only of that supreme legislative authority which is vested completely in the British Parliament; and which, with a few exceptions, was exercised by the colonial assemblies and the Irish legislature.
He was flying towards the Irish barricade, Frou-Frou and he both together saw the barricade in the distance, and both the man and the mare had a moment's hesitation.
Sedley, who asked news about his son-in-law, and about Jos's carriage, and whether his horses had been down to Brighton, and about that infernal traitor Bonaparty, and the war; until the Irish maid-servant came with a plate and a bottle of wine, from which the old gentleman insisted upon helping the valet.
The wild Irish playwright had terrible spells of depression.
If I might make so bold as to defend that extravagant conception, Mr Merdle, I would hint that it originated after the Railroad-share epoch, in the times of a certain Irish bank, and of one or two other equally laudable enterprises.
The next were the Irish--there had been six or eight years when Packingtown had been a regular Irish city.
The Irish missionaries were simple and loving men and won converts by the beauty of their lives; the Romans brought with them the architecture, music, and learning of their imperial city and the aggressive energy which in the following centuries was to make their Church supreme throughout the Western world.
But on this day they sighted the Irish coast and Fastnet Light.
And the pedigree was as royal-blooded as was possible for an Irish terrier to possess, whose breed, beginning with the ancient Irish wolf-hound, had been moulded and established by man in less than two generations of men.