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British writer (born in Ireland) known primarily for her novels (1919-1999)

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In her fiction from the 1960s, Iris Murdoch goes back to Irish Gothic tradition and employs her Irish experience to create a Gothic novel of her time (Todd 1984: 15).
The papers also show that in 1959 Iris Murdoch was overlooked for an honour altogether, despite the success of novels including 'The Bell', 'The Sandcastle' and 'Under The Net'.
On the philosophical side alone, there are three new books to assist one: Maria Antonaccio, A Philosophy to Live By (Oxford University Press, 2012), Iris Murdoch, Philosopher, ed.
Dr Peter Garrard, reader in neurology at the University of Southampton's School of Medicine, previously demonstrated the presence of Alzheimer-like linguistic changes in the later writings of Dame Iris Murdoch.
Compare and contrast the following British writers: At the one inkstand, Harold Pinter, Galsworthy, Russell and Winston Churchill; and, on the other keyboard, Graham Greene, Iris Murdoch, Muriel Spark and P.
Speaking at a Dementia Day conference at the Novotel in Longford, he said there had been greater public awareness and understanding since the 2001 film Iris starring Judi Dench as the novelist Iris Murdoch battling with Alzheimer's disease.
Among the individuals whose lives touched hers are Iris Murdoch, Else Lasker-Schuler, Marija Gimbutas, James Broughton, Diane Di Prima, Alma Villanueva, Ali Akbar Khan, Mata Amritanandamayi, and more.
The Saint and the Artist: A Study of the Fiction of Iris Murdoch.
Who played Iris Murdoch as a young woman in the 2001 film Iris?
Iris Murdoch is one of my favorite novelists in the world.
The course had filled with friends, most of us young women, and I remember groups talking with passion at lunch about Italo Calvino, Iris Murdoch, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Byatt's Essential Guide (0099452219) covers all her major themes, narrative techniques, and writings; Iris Murdoch (0099452227) covers Murdoch's works of literature and reveals the source of her ideas; and American Fiction: The Essential Guide (0099445069) provides an overview analysis of the major themes to American classics Catcher In The Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird, Native Son, and Catch-22.
In the last years of her life author Iris Murdoch suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
Surely something could have been 'explained' about Iris Murdoch without giving in to mere anecdote and digression?