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Chairman Markazi Imam Hussain Council Dr Ghazanfar Mehdi said Allama Irfani and his followers were the real defenders of the country's geographical and ideological boundaries.
Rabia Butt and Emmad Irfani are pictured in a charming city setting, where Rabia truly embodies the Lux woman by bringing a touch of glamour to an otherwise every day scene.
Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Irfan Qaiser Sheikh stated this while talking to Canadian Asia division Analyst Christopher Martin, First Secretary Canadian High Commission John Gosal and Director Asia division Elyas Irfani here Saturday.
1486) ilmi, irfani ve fazileti ile Fatih'in dikkatini cekmis, Edirne Daru'l-hadis muderrisi iken kendisine Sahn muderrisligi daha sonra da vezirlik makami verilmistir.
For instance, recommendations of the Majlis Fiqhi Islami were dissented by Sheikh Mustafa Zarqa and of CIIP were dissented by Abdul Malik Irfani.
Among others, Chairman Marakazi Imam Hussain Council Dr Ghazanfar Mehdi, Allama Sheikh Muhammad Nawaz Irfani, Chairman Pakistan Green Task Force Dr Jamal Nasir, Allama Azmat Ali Sultan, former parliamentarians Aasia Chaudhry, Rukkia Shah Bibi, Syeda Kanwal Raza Rizvi, Nusrat Zaidi and a large number of Ulema and Mashaikh from different schools of thought spoke on the occasion and highlighted various aspects of the life of Hazrat Fatima (AS).
Another lawmaker, Qurban Ali Irfani, told Pajhwok Afghan News that the Wolesi Jirga had no representation at the negotiations, expected to last several months.
Another MP from Kabul province, Qurban Ali Irfani, saw no political motive behind blank or invalid votes.
Head of Cultural Research at the National College of Arts (NCA) Suroosh Irfani said that in our country the focus remains on things like defence, arms and ammunition.