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Historian and linguistics say that Kumzari is the only Iranian language spoken in the Arabian Peninsula, especially in Dibah and Khasab.
Their language, Shabaki, is a Northwestern Iranian language language, belonging to Zaza-Gorani group, and similar to but not the same as Kurdish with many borrowings from Turkish, Persian and Arabic.
In addition to this, AL MUSTAQBAL reported that Israeli security forces posted advertisements in Israeli dailies calling for citizens who know the Iranian language to "assist Israeli security forces in capturing Iranian spies in Israel.
Search website Google yesterday added the Iranian language Farsi to its Google Translate service which will allow opposition groups in the country to communicate more widely with the outside world.
Iranian language can be vile, but any Middle East peace --and engagement with Tehran -- will have to take account of these points.
Iranian language can be vile, but any Middle East peace u and engagement with Teheran u will have to take account of theseAapoints.
He went to an Anglo-American school with children from all ethnic backgrounds, and learned to speak the Iranian language Farsi fluently.
Zazaki (also known as Dimili) is a northwest Iranian language spoken across a large area of central Anatolia centered on the towns of Tunceli, Erzincan, and Bingol.
It is impossible to look at the region, he is on record as saying, "without making reference to Iranian culture and to the Iranian language -- and, not least, to Islam".
Sogdian, also an East Middle Iranian language but written in various orthographies and styles by its Buddhist, Manichaean, and Christian speakers, is treated in the third chapter by Antje Wendtland.
My friends post updates on Facebook, but recently they've been posting in Farsi, the Iranian language, as they need to write quickly.
Iranian language can be vile, but any Middle East peace- - and engagement with Tehran - will have to take account of these points.
The cultural activities include exposure to the Iranian language, poetry, music, films and history.
The chief minister said Pakistan's relations with Iran spanned over centuries and Iranian language, literature and culture had left a deep impact on the Pakistani society and social setup, adding that Urdu also owed a lot to Persian.
Though all activities are conducted in English and no prior knowledge of the Persian language is required, the camp's cultural activities include lessons on and exposure to Iranian language, music, poetry, films, and history.
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