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a vacuum pump that removes gas by ionizing the atoms or molecules and adsorbing them on a metal surface

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Synthetic ion transporters have been created before, but this is the first time researchers have demonstrated how an influx of salt into a cell triggers cell death.
Comparison of gene expression of various ion transporters in the EDs of wild-type and [alpha]ERKO mice showed that estrogen modulates ER[alpha]-mediated gene expression of ion producer and/or transporters coupled with [Na.
This family is characterized by a highly conserved hydrophobic core consisting of 10 transmembrane (TM) domains with a structural organization typical of families of ion transporters and channels.
We also hypothesized that the presence of functional ER[alpha] would be necessary for the expression of epithelial ion transporter in the ED during prepubertal period.
Although HKT, SOS1 and NI IX transporters have been studied and characterized in several different plant species, until recently no attempts had been made to associate the role of ion transporters with salt gland function.
Channels, pumps, pores, and ion transporters control the entry and exit of calcium from across the cell membrane.
A sampling of topics: controllable microhydraulic actuation using biological ion transporters, electroosmotically-actuated hydrogel for nastic actuation, and plant-inspired flexible matrix composite actuators for biomimetic underwater propulsion systems.