cloud chamber

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apparatus that detects the path of high-energy particles passing through a supersaturated vapor

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As these ion clouds are pumped forward, a cooling current is generated.
At higher count rates the ion cloud around the counter wire reduces the effective counter voltage (and gas gain), which causes the pulse height distribution to shift to lower voltages (Fig.
Cleveland, imparts an electrostatic charge directly to each paint droplet, whereas other electrostatic systems create a high-voltage ion cloud from which the paint droplets pick up a charge as they pass through it.
The invention is based on the newly discovered principle of effective electric field formation by averaging of the static field via cyclotron motion, and a deep understanding of mass resolution limitations through supercomputer simulations of ion cloud motions in different types of FT-ICR cells.
With this ION CLOUD, users can easily upload and access their video clips from any smartphone, tablet or computer.