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a direct reduction in tax liability (not dependent on the taxpayer's tax bracket)

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In response, the IRS noted that there was little guidance on dispositions requiring recapture of the credit, so it looked to analogous provisions governing recapture of the investment tax credit.
In addition to raising the investment tax credit, the MOEA proposed to expand the scope of R&D outlay eligible for tax credit incentive.
Specifically, this study incorporates the implications of the proposed federal investment tax credit for informal business angel investments on potential rates of return.
The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which includes Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky, upheld the property tax exemptions, but ruled for the taxpayers and overturned Ohio's investment tax credit as unconstitutional.
Additionally, the case involving the Ohio Investment Tax Credit (Cuno v.
The district court upheld both the investment tax credit and the property tax abatement, and the plaintiffs appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
In the decision, the court found unconstitutional an investment tax credit provided by the state of Ohio to DaimlerChrysler to entice the company into an upgrade of a Jeep assembly plant.
Another pro-growth component of the plan is its suggestion that the current manufacturers' investment tax credit be made permanent.
Types of tax breaks: The other "LA" offers three tax incentive programs: a point-of-sale tax exemption; a labor tax rebate of up to 20% that can be applied toward the salaries of Louisiana residents; and an investment tax credit of up to 15% that can be claimed for investing in Louisiana-based productions.
The scheme, called the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC), is basically a tax relief scheme for investors who put their money into specialist financial intermediaries (Community Development Finance Institutions) which will then pass on the funds to SMEs and charities in poor areas.
There is one federal tax credit called the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Energy.
The incentives, which are granted by the central government on a case-by-case basis for a maximum period of ten years, include a 5 to 20 per cent investment tax credit and an exemption from or reduction of real estate tax, transfer tax and stamp duty.
Few policymakers, though, ever consider the most obvious and potentially effective solution: an aggressive variant of the classic Investment Tax Credit to prompt an investment boom.
The credit is applicable to taxpayers ('including partners of partnerships, beneficiaries of estates and trusts, and shareholders of New York S corporations) that are allowed the investment tax credit under section 606(a) of the Tax Law.
Business spending on producers, durable equipment also was believed likely to continue to provide appreciable stimulus to the expansion, assuming that the much reduced interest rates and currently favorable business attitudes would be sustained and that proposed investment tax credit legislation eventually would be enacted.
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