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(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired primarily by intuition

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The duality of the Common Sense tradition, whereby empiricism is amalgamated with an (idealistic) intuitionalism is what makes it for Budge a distinctly Romantic empiricism.
Although its reception by idealist neo-Cartesians such as Malbranche led to the historical association of Cartesianism with divine intuitionalism, Descartes's modernization of philosophical discourse and scientific procedures centered upon the notion of a man-made "method," an ordered, essentially comparative mode.
An opposing line, whose American representation George Santayana labeled the Genteel Tradition, sought to maintain the central articles of Protestantism--especially freedom of the will--by secularizing faith in idealism and intuitionalism.
If Jeffrey appears occasionally to regret the intervention of association at all, it is because it sacrifices the a priori certainty of Neo-Platonic intuitionalism (however unverifiable) to the contingencies of personal experience.