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The intrinsic pathway is triggered by intracellular stress leading to an incease in mitochondrial outer membrane permeability and release of mitochondrial proteins, including cytochrome C.
Although the intrinsic pathway involves early activation of caspase-9, and the extrinsic pathway is mediated through caspase-8, both lead to activation of the "executioner" caspase-3 and a variety of proteases and endonucleases.
That leaves the intrinsic pathway, with its various factors, which will be discussed individually.
The tissue factor-FVIIa complex provides additional activation of a complex (FIXa-FVIIIa) within the intrinsic pathway.
15,16) The intrinsic pathway is routed through the mitochondria.
One is the intrinsic pathway and another is the extrinsic one (Green, 1998; Green and Reed, 1998).
An isolated result showing aPTT prolongation suggests a deficiency or inhibitor of one or more of the intrinsic pathway clotting factors (prekallikrein, high molecular weight kininogen, factors XII, XI, IX, and VIII).