pleural cavity

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the cavity in the thorax that contains the lungs and heart

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The catheter was threaded 56cms into the intrapleural space in a posterior and cephalad direction.
375% through a sterile Romovac catheter of 12 inches length, which was placed in intrapleural space by the cardiothoracic surgeon, was a mean time of 6 hrs.
Increased gas density under pressure creates the potential for increased resistance to air drainage from the intrapleural space and through the PDU.
2]O or greater must be applied or a positive pressure could be created in the intrapleural space.
Because the accumulation of fluid in the intrapleural space compresses the lung tissue, and thereby interfers with the lung's ability to expand, a pleural effusion produces a restrictive process.
If the crunch is caused by intrapleural air or mediastinal air, expiration will cause an increase in pressure in the mediastinal and the intrapleural spaces,[7] which will force air to move within the spaces.