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the situation of being or dying without a legally valid will

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060's definition of "child" for the purposes of intestate succession.
It brackets legal regimes governing intestate succession.
Testate succession considers the creation of a valid will, while an intestate succession in carried out under the laws of intestacy.
For women in particular, the impact of the judgment was that all deceased estates are to be governed, until further legislation, by the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987, (30) which is generally applicable and benefits all widows and children regardless of race, gender, and birth.
The Uniform Probate Code codifies this dichotomy, stating that "[a]ny part of a decedent's estate not effectively disposed of by will passes by intestate succession," (211) and the Restatement concurs.
The common stock, and stock certificates evidencing the shares of common stock, are no longer assignable or transferable on the company's books, other than transfers by will, intestate succession or operation of law.
The rules of intestate succession are crafted by the legislative bodies of the States.
Written in a conversational style, the reference covers theory and practice, with brief explanations in sections on intestate succession, wills, estate administration, nonprofit transfers, trusts, and other estate planning concerns.
88) The United States District Court held that the federal government had the ability to amend the descent rules of intestate succession and abolish the descent of highly fractionated lands.
Following a lead set earlier by the Law Commission and Constitutional Court, the Act on the Reform of the Customary Law of Succession subjects the estates of those dying without wills to the Intestate Succession Act.
108 governs the right of a child who is born "out of wedlock" to inherit by intestate succession from his or her "father":
Without a will, property passes according to state law (see Degrees Of Kindred, page 116, Intestate's Will, page 117, and State Laws On Intestate Succession, pages 118-125).
Before your estate can go to your children, probate court has to determine and settle your debts, establish clear title to everything you own, and then distribute the estate according to your will or to the intestate succession statutes in your state.
040), stating that a "change of ownership" does not include "[a]ny transfer of separate property inherited by a surviving domestic partner, as defined in subdivision (b) of section 37 of the Probate Code, by intestate succession, upon the death of a registered domestic partner.
In addition, property transfers can involve gifts, contracts, wills, intestate succession, and trusts.