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a method of athletic training (especially for runners) in which strenuous effort and normal effort alternate in a continuous exercise

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2 mg/dL with aerobic interval training, and from 57.
Interval training can have the benefit of getting more exercise into the same amount of time, because part of the time you're exercising harder.
Tom presents well over 500 interval training workouts for approximately 12 different sports with attention paid to making segues from short, to intermediate, to longer intervals and manipulating the target, relief, and recovery periods for each.
It's interval training, a technique that's been around for decades.
New Philosophy is Game Changing Approach to Interval Training
The Body Coach wants to hold the largest ever high-intensity interval training class.
YOU'RE ALREADY: Lifting weights HOW ABOUT: Interval training Make your body work a whole lot harder, but for shorter periods, by incorporating short bursts of extreme activity - aka High-intensity Interval Training - into your routine.
Including classical studies of interval training for athletic performance (Astrand et al.
Michael Mosley, the man who introduced the 5:2 Diet and intensive interval training, presents a fun series packed with quirky details and CGI that make you feel clever after you've watched.
Cissik, an author, strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and coach who works with athletic professionals and children, and Dawes, a professor of health sciences, coach, personal trainer, and post-rehabilitation and strength and conditioning specialist, offer 147 high-intensity exercises using the tools of bodyweight training, sprinting, medicine balls, suspension training, kettlebells, sandbags, and alternative training formats, in addition to programs for power, strength, endurance, quickness, agility, tactical training, and total-body conditioning, with information on the conditioning needs of each and how to integrate maximum interval training into the larger workout.
I've decided to stick with interval training, this time running for two minutes and walking for 30 seconds, as it makes it less daunting and I'm more likely to actually go out and run than if I threaten my brain with doing three miles non-stop.
As well as promoting the 5:2 fasting diet, Mosley, pictured, also popularised the principle of High Intensity Interval Training.
We meet each Wednesday evening and offer a variety of options including organised interval training and Fartlek sessions.
We've teamed up with Anchor Bay Entertainment to give away 100 copies of their latest title - 10 Minute Solution - [HIIT] High Intensity Interval Training.