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Synonyms for miscegenation

reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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Therefore, given this unique historical context paired with the potential benefits of interracial relationships on student outcomes, this study seeks to better understand and establish the extent to which students are engaging in interracial relationships and to test whether the context of college plays a role in facilitating these interactions.
Its unique and humorous take on the realities of interracial relationships, Filipino values and culture, family and parenthood and the romance between Cookie (Tuesday Vargas) and Matthew (Lee O'Brien) inspires both kilig and laughter worthy of our Saturday nights.
Further studies pointing to a complex sexuality, a penchant for interracial relationships and a skill for staying out of jail - despite treading very dangerous waters - offered me opportunities to paint a picture of his very vivid life, times, comrades and adventures.
Of special interest is the way three particular taboos play out in interviews: Hiv-AIDS, domestic and sexual violence, and interracial relationships.
As Squires argues in "The Post-Racial Family: Parenthood and the Politics of Interracial Relationships on TV," while mixed-race families and figures on television and elsewhere in popular culture are often held up as proof of racial progress, it is important to examine each example closely.
In his storied career, Lear tackled abortion, cancer, racism, rape, abuse, interracial relationships, single motherhood, alcoholism, and povertysubjects many shows today won't even consider as viable fodder for entertainment.
Interracial relationships were illegal and interracial married couples were denied visas to enter the country.
For example, one of the essays describes how young Danish women were able to explore their sexuality with German soldiers during the Nazi occupation, along with the rise of interracial relationships between French women and colonial soldiers during the First World War.
People are becoming increasingly interested in cultural differences and accepting interracial relationships or marriage as the norm.
My mum is white and my dad black and they met in the late 80s when interracial relationships were still just starting to be OK.
Although interracial unions are increasingly accepted, (47) communities like Central Point, which are more welcoming of interracial relationships, remain rare, (48) and their absence particularly burdens interracial couples.
More importantly, none of the films features interracial relationships between African-American soldiers and white German women, although 3.
The data, which will be released soon, will suggest there are now more than one million people born to parents in interracial relationships.
As a result of the data analysis process, the following phenomena emerged from the individual perceptions and practices of selected middle school counselors: how student's race and/or ethnicities were identified, how interracial relationships were perceived, the specific needs of multiple heritage adolescents, and techniques used when working with multiple heritage adolescents.