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sexual arousal involving communication on the internet

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Judge Richard Twomlow imposed a three-year community order in order that Beedham be able to complete the internet sex offender treatment programme.
Ms Wade led the case against internet sex predator Andrew Byrne.
An internet sex scandal has surrounded the politician since he sent a close-up photo of himself in boxer briefs to a woman in Seattle at the end of May.
Under the order he will be supervised for the next two years and he must take part in an internet sex offenders'' programme.
This was internet sex offending on a previously unseen scale.
Canada Family Action, a Canadian pro-family organization, has launched a nationwide campaign to protect children from Internet sex crimes.
Researchers say that, while police are using their resources to combat internet sex offences, the majority of men alleged to have directly sexually abused a child are still avoiding prosecution.
In other words, Internet sex crimes usually represent cases of statutory rape, involving the exploitation of teens legally defined as too young to consent to sex with adults.
AN internet sex pest who sent obscene pictures to women around the world has dodged jail.
Clalit Health Services has found a new way to reach adolescents: an Internet sex site.
An Internet Sex Forum survey of men aged 26-45 said: "The many charms of older women were highlighted.
The story of how one man's sex addiction led his Catholic wife into the world of Internet sex, wife swapping and swinging, and may have ultimately led to her murder.
McCauley's fifth novel, Alternatives to Sex (Simon & Schuster), focuses on a 40-something gay Realtor with an Internet sex addiction and his relationship with a married couple who become his clients.
Edited by one of the leading researchers, clinicians and authors in the emerging field of sex and the Internet, this book addresses the growing complexity of Internet sex issues and their impact on psychological functioning.
Leslie Grantham - aka EastEnders' Dirty Den - came second, thanks to his internet sex antics.
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