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the engine that propels an automobile

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While the hydrogen internal combustion engine cogeneration systems will provide valuable real-world experience, 2G is also conducting research into next-generation hydrogen internal combustion engines, including additional advanced features to enhance power and fuel economy even further.
It is time to switch off the robots turning out these wasteful internal combustion engines and insist on electric vehicles.
And fuel cells produce energy with far less waste than internal combustion engines.
Although manufacturers have demonstrated both internal combustion engine and fuel cell-powered automobiles using hydrogen, the technologies upon which they have been based have not been commercially viable.
Each analysis features the present situation, development trends as well as future forecast of the internal combustion engine filter market in the given country of Asia.
They've developed an air-hybrid engine that, unlike traditional internal combustion engines, features a split-cycle configuration.
Spring Technical Conference of the ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division (2005: Chicago, IL)
Assuming the costs of fuel were lower, someone would need to create a hydrogen distribution infrastructure, and that still wouldn't address the fact that fuel cell performance currently pales in comparison to that of the internal combustion engine.
What I like about his approach was that he looked at combustion, and he looked at what controls combustion, and then applied it to the internal combustion engine," says Swift.
OTCBB: AUSI) announced today that it is working with Corvus Energy, a lithium ion battery company, and an internal combustion engine maker, to bring to market a hybrid APU using the AuraGen power solution.
of the internal combustion poludizelny, a power of 330 hp, but not more than 360 horsepower, 8 cylinder, V-layout shaped cylinders; of the internal combustion engine, carburetor, cylinder capacity more than 11000 cm3, power over 250 hp, 6, 8 or 12 cylinders, arrangement of cylinders V-shaped
Mechanical engineers share recent findings in efforts to keep the internal combustion engine viable as regulations and economics put increasing pressure on fuel consumption.
He proposes a powertrain concept unglamorously called "EV range extender" that is similar in layout to the ones that drive hybrid vehicles today, but instead of an internal combustion engine powering the electric motor, there is the SOFC running on diesel fuel.
The evolution of the Information Superhighway resembles that of the internal combustion engine.
The internal combustion engine is produced in tens of millions per year for applications as the power unit of choice in transport and other sectors.
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