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an artificial language proposed for use as an auxiliary international language

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The development of new kinds of interlingua systems;
Factores como las habilidades, el proceso cognitivo, las motivaciones, las necesidades comunicativas del contexto, las interferencias, la interlingua, las experiencias de la vida, la cosmovision son algunos de los elementos que se implican en dicho proceso.
I cut my hair" e "I did my nails": evidencia de transferencia linguistica na interlingua de falantes brasileiros aprendizes de ingles como segunda lingua?
No caso do corpus linguistico que disponho, uso dados que focam a interlingua de aprendizes de ingles, a minha e, ao mesmo tempo, com alguns dados produzidos em lingua portuguesa.
Called Scientia International, the magazine is printed in an "international auxiliary language" called Interlingua (akin to Esperanto): "In other countries there is no journal like Science News Letter.
Finally, a CLS is seen as an interlingua, a language-independent representation, which performs a twofold function: (i) it provides the format for the semantic representation that is the initial step in the semantic-to-syntax linking algorithm; (ii) it serves as input for COREL, which is the machine readable metalanguage that is used for the reasoning engine.
One thinks of the Palm-Wine Drunkard by Nigerian novelist Jose Luandino Vieira, whose works use interlingua resulting from the fusion of Portuguese, English, French, and Kimbundu.
Analisis contrastivo, analisis de errores e interlingua en el marco de la linguistica contrastiva.
Mapping legal terminologies extracted from different languages (and legal systems) implies coping with the issues of legal translation: in legal language, every term collection belonging to a language system, and any vocabulary originated by a law system, is an autonomous lexicon: the most 'neutral solution' seems to be the monolingual mapping of each terminology through equivalence relationships to a pivot language, which acts as the interlingua.
El tratamiento de la lengua original (de cara a su traduccion): un hibrido entre italiano y siciliano, en el que coexisten elementos de la lengua materna del autor (siciliano), de la lengua estandar de referencia (italiano contemporaneo), de una interlingua creada por el autor (dialecto siciliano italianizado) y algunos restos de arcaismos y terminos obsoletos (ejemplo llamativo de variacion linguistica).
Presidiram ao processo de retextualizacao tres principios dados como consensuais em aquisicao de L2 com recurso ao exercicio da leitura extensiva: (i) o papel positivo da frequencia de ocorrencias; (ii) a necessidade de aproximacao a um dado estadio da interlingua (15); e (iii) a necessidade de regulacao de inferencias.
We are creating for the first time a policy interchange language or Interlingua grounded in Semantic Web technologies that will enable a secure exchange of information between entities using different languages to express their security constraints," said Dr.
Finally, we believe that if the semantic representation is detailed enough (and ReALIS is more sophisticated than any earlier one) it can serve as some kind of interlingua, which could make it easier to achieve language-independent machine translation.
The initial outcomes of the study establish a linguistic parallelism between students' Interlingua and English as a lingua franca in the academic world.
According to this position, our mind contains an independent grammatical device, very rich and highly specific in its internal articulation and contents, which provides an interlingua between two systems otherwise mutually unreadable.