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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Interior Department

the position of the head of the Department of the Interior

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On this, the speaker asked if the interior secretary, parliamentary secretary interior, state minister and the minister were present in the house.
The Intelligence Bureau has prepared a list of JuD and FIF assets, through what the interior secretary described as "geo-mapping of properties and assets of banned organisations".
Special interior secretary prayed the court committee meeting will be convened and the court decision will be implemented soon.
The interior secretary appeared before the bench and assured that the notification issued by the interior ministry allowing Dr Asim to travel for one month would be amended in line with the court's orders.
in calling for Interior Secretary Zinke to support a habitat-based conservation approach that relies on local management and the inclusion of key stakeholders.
The court summoned comments from Interior Secretary, Adiala Jail Superintendent among others.
If the president requires a second leave, he must remove the interior secretary and appoint another one to assume the presidency on a temporary basis.
According to the paper, Interior Secretary Khawaja Akbar and Defence Secretary Lt-Gen (retired) Asif Yasin Malik could not satisfy the chief justice as to why the intelligence agencies failed to gather information about those targeting the Hazara community.
The Interior secretary said that the formal handover of leadership will take place on December 18.
Interior Secretary further said that Pakistan also offered financial and technical assistance to Sri Lankan government for capacity building of the two centres.
ISLAMABAD, May 15 -- The Supreme Court on Friday directed the interior secretary to submit a comprehensive report on June 11 about the actions taken against those involved in the smuggling of Pakistani children for use as camel jockeys in the Middle East.
Maybe it's Norton that's the hazard: Outgoing Interior Secretary Gale Norton has actually reported that America's wetlands are increasing if you count artificially created water hazards on golf courses.
Interior Secretary Santiago Creel stepped down from his post in a bid to win the presidential nomination of the National Action Party (PAN) ahead of the 2006 election.
On November 7, Secretary of State Colin Powell, along with Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson, flew to Mexico City to confer with Mexican officials.
We are facing a crisis of forest health of unprecedented proportions," Interior Secretary Gail Norton said in the release.
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