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a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again

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On September 22, 2004, the governments of DRC and Rwanda signed the terms of reference for a Joint Verification Mechanism (JVM), an agreement designed to address cross-border issues, specifically to deal with the threats of the Interhamwe and ex-FAR (former Rwandese Armed Forces), groups responsible for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.
Sexual assault attendant to the Rwandan genocide was endemic, perpetrated by the Interhamwe, soldiers of the Rwandan Armed Forces, the Presidential Guard, government officials, and civilians alike.
Hutu children were caught up in the wave of anti-Tutsi hysteria, and joined the Interhamwe.
123) Dressed in military fatigues, she and her son, Shalom, a prominent member of the Interhamwe, set up a roadblock near her residence in Butare.
Hotel Rwanda documents Hutu hotelier Paul Rusesabagina sheltering Tutsis fleeing the genocidal Interhamwe.
Estas milicias fueron conocidas como la Interhamwe, que significa 'aquellos que se mantienen unidos'.
It was there at Bisesero that these men, women and children waged a final, futile resistance against the Interhamwe, the Hutu death squads that arrived by busloads and stalked their former neighbors, co-workers and countrymen with machetes, pistols and grenades.
The latest victims of Central Africa's endless wars, they were on their way home after spending months in squalid refugee camps around Lake Kivu, brutalized by the Interhamwe, a murderous rag-tag militia.
Up to 150 members of the feared Rwandan Interhamwe militia had stormed three camps in the isolated Bwindi National Park late on Sunday night, taking at least 14 tourists hostage in the surrounding hills.
Data on Rwanda's coffee production shows that the continuing instability caused by Interhamwe rebels in coffee producing areas has resulted in a reduction of Rwanda's coffee crop to just 13,000 tonnes in 1998, down from a high of 45,000 tonnes a decade ago.
The ideology of Tutsi extermination would flow down the hierarchy of command into virtually every home, the churches would fill with bodies, the terraced fields would become mass graves, Hutu soldiers would speed across the country on some of the best roads in Africa, pink identity cards would help determine who would live and who would die, and Interhamwe would refer to a new kind of work crew: not tree planters but militias made up of peasants and unemployed young men recruited from the ranks of ordinary Hutus on every hillside, the gangs that became the most notoriously brutal killers.
The worst case I heard of involved a seven-year-old girl who was raped by seven men from the Interhamwe.
The Janjaweed, like the Interhamwe in Rwanda and the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, are reported to principally target civilians and terrorize the civilian population.
Originally a MRND-sponsored youth group, the Interhamwe quickly became a place where Hutu youth could receive military training in using weapons and explosives and learn how to kill in the most efficient manner possible.
Nkunda claimed that the conflict was about defending the Tutsi community from the threat of Rwandan Hutu rebels operating in eastern Congo (reputedly numbering about 6,000), remnants of the old Interhamwe forces that attacked Rwanda from bases in Congo pre-1996 and now calling themselves the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR).