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Synonyms for miscegenation

reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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One of the main factors contributing to the conversion to Islam is the common practice of intermarriage among "Sabah" native people either in the form of interfaith or interethnic marriage.
For example, because education only has a positive effect on interethnic marriage rates for low education ethnicities, policies aimed at increasing high school graduation rates would be more beneficial than policies providing scholarships for graduate schools.
Interracial and interethnic marriages began to increase in the 1970s and continued to grow through the 1980s, Qian points out.
This paper presents regional variations in the ethnic integration of Canada as disclosed by interethnic marriages.
A sampling of topics: translational dimensions of the diaspora issue and Hungarian diaspora research, diasporization and population development, interethnic marriages and assimilation in the demographic models, and social strategies in diaspora communities on the periphery of the historical Hungarian region of Kalotaszeg in Transylvania.
As far as late imperial settlement in the Kazakh steppe or the agricultural zones of Siberia is concerned, however, interethnic marriages were not the norm since Slavic settlement in these areas was unfolding on a large scale and the presence of a large Slavic population meant that Slavs married other Slavs.
Americans may only recently have grown so tolerant that they condone their children marrying immigrants of another race, but Americans have long surpassed the citizens of other nations in accepting interethnic marriages.