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an insertion into a calendar

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In six of the seven intercalary years, the intercalary month followed the last ordinary month of the year as Addaru II.
Because solar years cannot be evenly divided into lunar months, an extra embolismic or intercalary month must be added to prevent the starting date of the lunar cycles from "drifting" away from the spring season.
The intercalary months, if they (wise men) consider well, the two
60, which reports that nobles of Babylon and Borsippa have had to travel to the Assyrian king to find Out whether he has declared an intercalary month in order to know if they can begin to celebrate Babylon's major religious festival.
The first (encouraging) thing to emerge is that the years chosen to contain an intercalary month could be the same across a wide area.
VS 9 5/6 involves a one-year house rental beginning with an intercalary month: "he entered during the first day of the intercalary month (and when) Isin-Adad is over, he will exit" ((9) ITU DIRI.