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what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression

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In terms of the extensional-intensional orientation interaction continuum, the intensionality of rationalism remains potentially honorable yet must be subjugated ultimately to the extensionality of empiricism.
Hayakawa and Morris both sought to provide students with the opportunity for a clear view of reality (or events in the observable and perceptible world) by decreasing intensionality and increasing extensionality.
22) On the general history of intensionality see Herbert Spiegelberg, "Der Begriff der Intentionalitat in der Scholastik, bei Brentano, und bei Husserl," Philosophische Hefte 5 (1936): 75-91.
In the third paper, Timothy Williamson analyzes an aspect of intensionality, namely that sometimes two coextensive sentential operators do not satisfy the same set of principles, a question important to the iteration of attitudes.
Intensionality and Truth: An Essay on the Philosophy of A.
However, familiarity with general semantics would probably suggest a representation of "degrees" of extensionality or intensionality by means of a scale or a gradation of shading from black to white across an area.
Third, such a belief or desire is either conscious or could become conscious, and possesses intensionality.
The four basic Korzybskian Spectra reflect assumptions of continua ranging from Identity to non-Identity, Allness to non-Allness, Elementalism to non-Elementalism, and Intensionality to Extensionality.
I single out the distinctive formulas just here because they are at the center of Lewis's argument, but I am concerned, in this part of the present paper, with the intrusive intensionality of related formulas as well.
However, his all-too brief description of contemporary feminism, presented in Part XI of this series, seems more appropriate to us as an editorial, than as a glossary entry, for editorials tend to involve a greater degree of intensionality.