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the logical study of necessity and possibility

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a system of logic whose formal properties resemble certain moral and epistemological concepts

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They cover alternate approaches to fine-grained intensionality and intensions as primitives, introduce a higher-order, fine-grained intensional logic, property theory with Curry typing, number theory and cardinality, anaphora and ellipsis, underspecified interpretations, expressive power and formal strength.
Another paper pertaining to intensional logic, for example, is a study of the various formal semantics for systems of counterfactuals.
Revisionist logicians have usually supposed that extensional logic, for all its power and versatility, does not express the tight bond between meanings that is of the very essence of the logical connection; and they have labored to provide an alternative intensional logic that does indeed express it.
Hennix's text was called "17 Points on Intensional Logics for Intransitive Experiences, 1969-1979" (intensional with an s is a technical term in logic).
In Luis Fariinas del Cerro, editor, Intensional Logics for Programming.