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assets that are saleable though not material or physical

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The evaluation of intangible assets helps us to form a coherent opinion about the value of the company and his practical methods.
To provide strong evidences on the economic value of intangible assets as a new source of growth;
The interaction between intangible assets and business combinations is so entangled because a business combination is a unique type of accounting transaction that allows some previously unrecorded economic benefits to be reflected on the financial statements for the first time, often as intangible assets.
Even though intangible assets are not widely accepted as collateral, there does remain a trend in the US market to lend against these types of assets.
Calculate the return on intangible assets by dividing the net income (from the income statement) by the intangible asset value found in Step 2.
The developed model represents the influence of fundamental value of both tangible and intangible assets upon the market-value of assets of a company:
Valuation experts use this technique to estimate the value of intangible assets with unique characteristics, such as computer software, procedures, designs, etc.
In general, intangible assets include far more items than do intellectual property, and they are more easily understood and described than goodwill.
Superior stewardship entails management of the business processes that create value in the intangible assets, communication to stakeholders of the value of the intangibles, and protection of the value of the intangible assets through risk mitigation and risk transfer.
The company (taxpayer) applies the Dutch Patent Box regime to its patented intangible asset or intangible assets that results from certain research & development projects (see below).
34, Basic Financial Statements--and Management's Discussion and Analysis--for State and Local Governments, included intangible assets within the scope of the term capital assets as defined by that statement (paragraph 19).
MTI Consulting, an international business strategy consulting firm with an office in Bahrain, sensed the increasing importance for companies to value their intangible assets.