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written contract or certificate of insurance

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Some term life insurance policies can be converted to variable life insurance.
Insurance trade groups said it's a well-known fact that homeowners insurance policies exclude flood damage.
Discovering the flexibility and profitability of these opportunities can help CPAs provide the best alternative to clients or employers for dealing with financially burdensome or lapsing life insurance policies.
Ordinary health insurance policies and Medicare usually do not pay for LTC expenses.
The life settlement industry has created a secondary market for acquiring life insurance policies from qualifying policyholders, who receive an offer guaranteed to exceed the cash value.
Named Insureds on insurance policies can be persons, partnerships, corporations, unincorporated associations, or limited liability companies to whom the insurance policy is issued.
However, when they consider their "net worth," including home equity, pension plans, and life insurance policies, their abilities to make a very substantial gift increase dramatically.
The law required companies that sold pre-World War II insurance policies to reveal their records or be barred from doing business in the state.
The extent of future earnings is a contingency, and insurance policies can be purchased which pay in the event that earnings projections are not met.
Regardless if these disruptions are the result of cyber attacks or network problems, the most forward-looking enterprises and service providers are now looking to mitigate their online risks with a comprehensive solution that offers a mix of technology, specialized consulting services, and insurance policies.
Due to the number of loans that pass between investors and property owners, "key person" life insurance policies are perhaps the most important in real estate.
But while many CEOs should have life insurance policies, most probably shouldn't own them.
Viatical settlements allow individuals with terminal or chronic illnesses to sell their life insurance policies for cash.
Many homeowners' insurance policies have provisions that cover liability and the cost to repair or replace lawn mowers, tractors--even golf-carts.
Because although Christi's employer, contractor Michael Bennett, was required by state law to carry workers comp insurance policies for his employees, he had neglected to purchase any insurance policies.
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